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Thank You for Signing Up

Welcome to The Nest Restorative Art Spa

Nestled in the trees of downtown Franklin, The Nest Restorative Art Spa sessions will provide you with an experience where space will be held for you and your soul will be nurtured through art.

Hello, I’m Traci, the artist/owner of The Nest Restorative Art Spa and your host for the evening.

Though we won’t be able to get to know each other deeper during these sessions, we will have the
opportunity to experience together the beauty of art as a form of relaxation and healing.
As your host, my hope is that you will find it is an environment where creativity will nurture the
crevices of your heart.

Before each session, the studio has been prepared with the hope that each space in it will bless you and your soul. My hope is that you will leave your session poured out and filled up, renewed.

Here are some details that will help the session run smoothly:


  • Different modalities of creativity will be available for you to choose from: Painting, Sculpture, Drawing, or Collage. These 4 forms of visual art therapies help one to express feelings and thoughts and help to cope with stress. They positively affect function, mood, cognition, and behavior.

  • When you signed up, you listed the modalities in order of your preference. I will do my best to accommodate, but an open mind will be your friend, because you may be surprised how one of these modalities may speak unexpectedly to your soul. Once at your assigned modality, please respect each guest's designated area and do not enter into their space. 


  • When timing your arrival, please keep in mind that your session will begin as you walk through the front door of the building. When you enter, begin to quiet your soul as you go up the stairs to the studio. If you’d like, you may remove your shoes. There will be a pair of spa slippers for you to wear for the evening if you would like to do so. (These will be returned to the basket for cleaning at the end of the session.)  As you enter the studio, please take care to begin your session quietly and with the intention of breathing in peace and breathing out the stresses and worries of this world. In other words, please be prepared to be silent until you leave the session.

  • Instrumental worship music will be playing to usher you into the creative Nest that will hold space for you over the course of the next 90 minutes or so. Your name will be located at your space, and you can make yourself comfortable. A guide for reference will be available in case you may find that helpful to inspire your creativity.


  • There are two bathrooms upstairs. Water will be available. Feel free to bring your beverage of choice. I will have one weighted blanket available that one person may use.

  • If I feel led, I may close the evening with an opportunity to share. In that case, please feel free to express how the evening moved you or spoke to you. But please know that you don’t need to share; it will be completely optional.


  • At the end of the session I will ask that you gather your items and quietly exit the Studio space and the building, where you can then socialize and enjoy the sweetness of Downtown Franklin.

Come, create, and enjoy your time in The Nest Restorative Art Spa sessions. My hope is for you to breathe easy, heal in soft places, and connect with your heart in a beautiful way. I look forward to holding space for you.


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