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The Nest Art Spa is temporarily closed as it finds its new home! Stay tuned...

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a new kind of spa experience that pairs art & music to soothe your soul

“An invitation to the Art Spa was something I never knew I needed until I did it. Traci’s attention to details is a gift, from the setting to the tone to the whole atmosphere of the room. It was truly a sweet experience.” –Carmelita

Whether you're feeling burned out, are in a season of transition, or just need a break from life, at The Nest we help you increase overall wellness by quieting your mind, expressing yourself through creativity, and becoming more spiritually connected.

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Featuring creative activities on a backdrop of soothing music - along with the gentle scent of essential oils - sessions are designed to open mental and emotional pathways so you can release the pressures that weigh you down.



Sometimes the most restorative thing we can do is get back in touch with our inner child through art. At The Nest, we value the messy, imperfect process of getting our hands dirty in clay, smearing paint on a canvas, drawing with a new favorite pencil, or cutting bits of fabric and other materials. My heart is not for your finished product to be a masterpiece, but to help facilitate the masterpiece that is being created in the soul. We value the process, and I believe you will too.


Founder and Spiritual Director, The Nest

“Traci is an amazing, calming, healing presence who leads you seamlessly through an evening of healing and introspection. The Lord is using her and her gifting in a mighty way.” –Krissy

“The Nest Art Spa was such a beautiful and peaceful space for me to explore my creativity through different techniques. It was healing in so many ways.” –Darci M

choose from one of four mediums, or try them all with our exclusive "Healing Duo" and "Art Flight" packages

Clay, Brushes, Tools

Somewhere in the journey of life, most of us took a detour from the freedom to play with this substance that has very few rules and so much possibility. When we work with clay, our hearts can't help but be transported back to childhood, where play came naturally and creativity flowed. In your art spa session, we welcome you to breathe, create, and nourish your soul by playing with clay in an environment of soothing music and gentle light. 

Charcoal Pencils, Watercolor Pens, Pastels

When you come to the drawing table, textures, colors, and tones are your guide, and your only boundaries are the edges of your paper. In this space, you are encouraged to allow your heart to direct you, and you have the freedom to experiment in a calm and soothing environment. Here you are free to move your pencil as you feel led, no masterpiece necessary. Just feel free to create.

Acrylic, Canvas, Brushes, Tools

As you choose to sit or stand at the easel, your blank canvas and palette of colors combine with the rhythm of your breath to guide your brush to create whatever flows from your heart. This is not rush hour. This is not an agenda. This is not any of the practicalities of life. This is breathing, tapping into your soul, and creating strokes of imagination and freedom. There is no goal other than to enjoy and embrace the process. Whatever happens on the canvas is second to what is happening within. 

Fabric, Beads, Feathers, Foil, Tile, Paper, Glue and other Materials

Welcome to a table full of various bits of wonderful, inviting you to combine them as you desire. Whether you choose feathers dipped in gold, small pieces of tile, or fragments of velvety fabric, there are no rules, and your imagination is your only limit. Here you can connect to the part of you that desires to weave together the network of your thoughts without any right or wrong answer. Where that takes you is for you to find out. Think of it as a process of finding peace through pieces.